The election Year 2020   
You may ask, Why?

Greetings, May all find what they are looking for, an eternal quest.

I am just being Me, they call me Michael B. This is my personal website, and I in no way represent any other of the Brinsley clan; although many agree with me, many do not. My views are just that mine, and you can agree or look away, at least while we still have these Freedoms. I am for all of us agreeing to disagree, as we all have our own views and experiences. I believe we are all in this game called life and we want the system to work. 96 to 98 % of us need to learn to come together, unlike the news attempts to keep us divided. The radical Extremes on both sides should be outside of the loop, yet the Hard Left has taken over the Democratic party.

Joe Biden is the best they have?
He is being controlled by WHO?
and can you vote for that, not knowing who is in control?
Harris / Biden ticket can NOT win. What is their agenda:
Hate Trump?
Complain while wasting taxpayer money?
What is their Positive Agenda?
Anyone? To Hide Pedophiles?
To be Compliant with One World Government?
To get a shot, for a bogus Shutdown of people’s lives, to dumb me down?

At least Trump is the first president going after criminals and signed 430 million to assist the victims of Human Trafficking. ALL of us, we must Save the Children.

Thereby, my creating this content on this site so I can stop posting on FB as much, another CENSORSHIP rich control site of hiding conservative ideas. This website of mine, is a work in progress, because Yes, I have to do work. I love Tech, I love People. I do not like Liars. I do not like Censorship. More to come.

Yosemite, Mother Nature ~Magnificent

As for Yosemite, and the GREAT Hike performed just before in the picture of display above
Yosemite Vernal and Nevada Fall Hike, Love National Parks

Most appreciating to Decide, to be on the Top of Nevada Falls, 9.43 minutes in the following video, which actually, is so BEAUTIFUL, and a work out, and witnessing waterfalls on a heavy California winter, the runoff creating it’s own weather creation; yet watch this vid AND for the next half+ of the hike, not done by me; Half Dome Trail. Source & Blessings of the Eternal Now, recognizing the Beauty of Mother Nature.

Be Safe, Be Healthy

Be Safe! 1. wash your hands 2. be smart for all, and do not go out if you do not feel well and 3. if you are healthy, stop acting like you are sick, IMO.

Freedoms Exist, so Choose to wear (or not,) a mask. In many study’s and my opinion, wearing a mask, most worn incorrectly, is more harmful than wearing no mask at all.

MASH movie, 50 years ago, Series Reminds of the Humor of it all. VOTE:

Through the comedy of it all, scroll down and watch the M.A.S.H. Mask Episode, Love Hot Lips Houlihan, Love Corporal Klinger, Radar, my goodness, all of them, and YEP, Hawkeye Peirce, thank you so much Alan Alda, for allowing me to laugh, just by you being you.
Way ahead of you time, and all of you, creating it on the fly… Well Done.

A link, containing the link: Website containing the link above MASH and and the M.A.S.H. 30 Year ReUnion: 30 Year Reunion, M.A.S.H.

Like Yosemite, Mother Nature is Brilliant, in ALL Levels (most likely another page brewing…) Turn the sound on and hit replay: The Universe, creation by artist: Whale!

To soothe any seeking soul, softly lift ones Being, listen on YouTube;

As many sounds are vibration and Source, some all night, some by day;
here are two; First by Fire, Then all being One, another by Rain:
American Indian flute music, Fire, soft relaxing sleep or background ~ LOVE IT, yet is Water more powerful than Fire? Water as Source, Exists, as does fire, water no effort, fire requires a Spark.

and by Rain, Source Energy, hot meeting cold, combine, Lightning.
(stronger, the ocean or the rock? Ocean, by persistence, we have the Beautiful Beach:
American Indian music, soft relaxing, sleep, background Rain, Source, Lightning

WeForum BTW, is the World Wide Org, doing this experiment. Do not Believe the Numbers until you research it, outside of CENSORSHIP GOOGLE.